Saturday, October 20, 2007


One of the most mysterious words. Can be thought about for ages.
There will be a seminar today about the meaning of time according to Iranian Sufism , it might shed a bit more light on this deep concept.

Picture is taken from wikipedia:

"A tesseract, a cube in 3 dimensions extended to a fourth, as a description of time; adhering to defined finite bounds, all possibilities for this configuration are conceptually representable."


MNO said...

First let's read a poem about Time by Henry Van Dyke:

Time is:
Too Slow for those who Wait
Too Swift for those who Fear
Too Long for those who Grieve
Too Short for those who Rejoice
But for those who Love, Time is eternity.

مقیم کوی تو تشویش صبح و شام ندارد
که در بهشت نه سالی مقرر است نه ماهی
فروغی بسطامی

Imagine that you're inside a box, you cannot judge about what the outside environment looks like, I guess we have such situation when it comes to verifying the nature of time...Professor Stephen Hawking in his black wholes theory claims that nature of time changes inside a black whole. Or a person who is traveling towards a black whole has a different feeling of time. I think we should consider the Time in a broader sense which is outside the boundaries of Earth. Cosmology might help regarding this, but who knows maybe Time could be defined inside the boundaries of human brain.

MNO said...

Oh I forgot to say that Hawking has a book named "A brief history of time". I think it is not directly related to Time, however it considers it in conjunction to other things like General Relativity and Cosmology.

Amir H. Fassihi said...

The result of the talk was much similar to the poems in your post, time is subjective, Nasser Khosrow has interesting writings about this fact, and that time is the results of everyone's actions...