Monday, August 31, 2009


The Garshasp team puts up good efforts, however there is one big enemy the team can have, a huge monster crawling all over us and haunting the team, waiting for moments to attack, the only enemy that can bring us down and shut down our progress, this enemy is "Ourselves", we can be the monster ...

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Garshasp was displayed at GamesCom 2009. The exhibition was highly valuable for our project.
Work in progress trailer:

The new website is online:

Big thanks goes to all of our team members who tried restlessly days and nights to prepare everything for the fair.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


There is only one thing on my mind now...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GamesCom 2009

Ok so I found a chance to write a few words, the past few weeks has been quite strange... the whole Garshasp development team did all they could to prepare something for the GamesCom conference in Cologne, Germany which is where I am currently. All the guys on the team showed one more time that they have the magive in their sleeves, the power in their determination and the skills to make it happen.

Every second was dedicated to the project, we were able to accomplish a lot just before getting on the plane to Germany, we did miss a lot too, but thats what usually happens.

We just went through the fist day of GamesCom, wasn't bad, our booth shows the brutal attitude of this mythological super hero of ours, Garshasp. It has been successful in turning some heads in the business hall.

The last two days were dedicated to the sessions of GDC europe which was quite interesting also. I had the chance to check out the Morpheme Connect tool from Natural Motion in a presentation by their CTO which was quite interesting.

Our goal in the coming days is to evaluate what we have done so far in an international level and learn about the next steps that we need to take. The exhibition will run till the 23rd.

Ok, gotta go now.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Frozen state of life in Fire

Most of my activities are frozen these days, activities such as reading books, articles, watching movies , etc. Somehow any little time that can be allocated to an activity tends to be dedicated to the Garshasp project.

The project is gong forward well, although lots and lots to do but the team is being exceptional. Each and every one of the guys rolling the Garshasp project forward have proven to be real heroes, working days and nights. The heat of this fire is significant. This is all that is important at this stage, for the team to perform well, get stronger, experience more, become stronger individually and as a team, this is whats valuable for us if we want to do good in the future, much much more important than the result of this project itself is the great guys forming a great team.

So far they've shown the magic and all the vocabulary we need in the coming days is:
try .. focus ... try ... believe ... rebound from failure... learn ... try ... focus ... learn ... help ... believe ... focus ... have fun...

Death of Software Engineering!?

Ever wondered why so many software development projects fail? Ever wondered why there is so much ambiguity in the field, Tom Demarco who is a major veteran in the field and has authored great books such as Peopleware has some new insights regarding the field of Software Engineering:

Maybe it has died after all, maybe it never was alive...

Third lesson

What I learn from my 13 months old son.

"The real values are hidden behind the superficial layers we have created on top of objects and the importance of new experiences".

To him, the wrinkled packaging and plastic covers of a toy is as amusing as the toy itself, he finds ultimate joy in watching objects we usually don't care about, such as the cable of an electric device. He shows great effort to seek that which looks new, wasn't there before and is rather unknown. Why don't I pay attention to the aesthetic features of a plastic bag? Because the society has put me in this beautiful mold of definitions and value hierarchies which are not necessarily in line with the human nature.

Change is valuable, its what we feel, its how we perceive being alive. Seeking new experiences is how we are hard wired to take actions. Being able to be new makes us feel the freedom, feel the difference which makes us significant. Stability will be ignored by us really quick, we will not see it, we will not feel it, no change is death even if in Heaven.

Sunday, August 02, 2009


5 minutes of love does to our project what months of dull systematic work can never do....