Monday, October 22, 2007

The reason ...

I was watching NCAA basketball last night and something that I had thought about before kicked back at me seriously this time. How come the collegiate games have so much excitement and it seems like each and every one of the players try to do their best and show 200 percent of their capacity. This is not only in the final four, it can easily be seen from the early games too.

This kind of energy is not seen very much in NBA games.

Could it be because :
1 - They are not pros, pros have other things in mind other than the pure sports moments? Somehow like the problem that happens to some football teams with lots of professional stars.(Brazil recently)
2 - They believe in their college by all their heart since that is the only place that they have played and will play as a college player, unlike professionals which change teams often?
3 - All their fans have a strong root to the college and they all share one unique thing?
4 - They have more love towards the game since they haven't experienced all aspects? (Beginners love, there is a Samurai rule which says : "Never lose your beginners joy")
5 - They have better coaches to motivate them?
6 - They want to make it to the NBA? (... this shouldn't be on the minds of all of them)
7 - Money is not involved?
8 - ... ?

I am sure there lies great lessons in the answer to the above question because this pattern seems to repeat in many other areas.


Dan Bonab said...

Oh man, this is a great topic and i have plenty to say about this. this is a complex pheonamenon and i dont think there is a single isolated reason for this. I could just name a few outstanding differences: - college players are younger and older you get you slow down a little bit. - the fans are bunch of young obnoxious roudy students who bring a lot of energy and tradition and infamous rivalries like North Carolina/Duke to the arenas. - coaches get paid more than players, therefore the team has to follow coach's philosophies and disciplin. - coaches have the last say in recruiting and they recruit the players who fit in their philosophy. - rules and regulations kind of dictates more uptempo offence and as a result demands more hussle and energy on deffensive end. - college players usually miss more shots and there is a lot more rebounding and second chances that make the game look more active as opposed to NBA which FG% is higher and therefore there is more inbounding. - less timeouts and especially commercial timeouts which kills the tempo in NBA. and so many other factors that i cant think of off top of my head but still there are coaches and teams who bring a lot of energy to their teams even in NBA, like phoenix suns or toronto raptors or GS warriors.


Amir H. Fassihi said...

Thanks man... I liked the part that the coach gets to arrange the team!

Seven said...

I think the most important reason is:
because they play to enjoy! not to earn!