Thursday, June 25, 2009

the Project

My soul has been possessed by the Garshasp development process these days. The project is converging and there are millions of little bits and pieces that need to be fit together. Good final assembly is essential for quality.

Guys on the team are doing a good job rolling the specific areas of their responsibilities, although when you live and breathe a project and a few processes in your mind are always occupied by the events surrounding it, you'll always see the inefficiencies with one eye, but this is something we are trying to learn from everyday and are hoping to let it leverage our team abilities for future projects. Seeing every individual effort is my ecstasy and the opposite takes me down.

Life is the toughest and most fun these days. The mind experiences the extremes of new frontiers. The biggest task as usual is being able to find the balance point between the "good enough" for release and the passion for good quality.

There's been needs for expanding the team and making sure we add crew who can maintain the spirit is another big challenge.

One more push of courage, commitment, passion, determination and love from the development team and we should be doing fine.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Couldn't get any lower

The lowest act of the human race which stems from a frightened, loser, brain twisted, weak state of mind is to shoot at another human being with a gun knowing the other side has no guns and is no threat to your life. Couldn't get any lower. The fact that such brain dead losers are formed in the society is quite thought provoking on its own.

The mysterious human being wannabes, your whole body cells will wish you never pulled the trigger quite soon.

May the soul of the innocent victims of the recent clashes rest in peace.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shader Sundays

Efficient use of the GPU is getting more important everyday. The domain of applicability is increasing. We've setup new sessions at Fanafzar,Shader Sundays,  where yzt talks about the concepts of GPU programming and the CG coding language. We are looking forward to utilize as much of these processor's potential powers as possible.

Your are welcome to join these sessions.