Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Revive the Blade

Quest of Persia, Nader's Blade has been released by Puya Arts and it has done very well in the first week of sales. This is the third game released from the reputable game company and is a big leap for Iranian Gaming. Congrats to the guys over at Puya Arts for the consistency and improvements they make in the industry.

Part of Nader's history has been recreated in this exciting 3rd person action adventure game.

You can purchase it from:


Monday, July 27, 2009


My good pal Ghaj sent me a quote from Anatole France today which is quite what we've been struggling with in the past three years:

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe..."

Sacrifice is Pleasure

When time is fixed, quality can't be lost and resources can not be added to a project because they either do not exist, or there is not enough time for them to get to speed with the project pace, the only valid option in order to meet the deadline would be to sacrifice features.

This is what is happening currently for us in this month, the holy month of SACRIFICE. Killing things can help maintain the quality of the rest of the survivors, the last option in our final crunch.

It is hard, it is really hard, but its got to be done if anything is to be created.

Our only hope is for the Mythic Gods to accept our little gifts.

Sacrifice is Pleasure.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sporadic Traps

A new kind of leech for creativity and the generation of value in our society has manifested itself in the form of browser based games.

I am in the business of making games and definitely believe that computer games and any game in general is essential for the balance of the human mind but the new wave of web browser based, sporadic games, are something which is not quite right.

These games, being played by many people on the web using HTML processing browsers have a nature where you would need to take an action, wait, then take another action, maybe wait more and then so on, unlike other game forms where you get engaged in the game, play, focus and after a while stop playing the game, in the browser based games, you would usually want to do something else while playing the game since it would be highly boring to just stare at the monitor while you are waiting for other players around the world to do something while they are doing something else. The nature of the game needs you to take some action during the 24 hours since no presence of you, sporadic presence, might end up costly for you in game. So constant presence is needed but in fact a disconnected presence and this means you would need to have an eye over the screen while you are watching a movie, talking on the phone, working out or most importantly while you are working.

Although our brains are highly parallel machines, on a semantic psychological level, we aren't as parallel as we think and making an action on the screen, getting back to the movie, conversation or what you do at work will for sure have negative effects on the second activity you are following other than the game.

Games should be played in order to take the person's mind somewhere else, provide exciting challenges for individuals in a whole different setting and world and let the person get back to the normal life fully. A great slogan once said: "Work hard, play even harder" but in the case of modern sporadic nonsense, it would be "Work and play at the same time, kill both of them".

Focus is among the most valuable traits of the human race and it is the glue that can bind together intelligence, creativity, determination and passion together and make the magic happen, having any of the other useful characteristics without focus is almost totally useless. Now what has happened in the recent years, specially the current decade is for all the modern technology to creep into new forms that work against the human focus, starting from the busy nature of the city infrastructures to the little devices such as mobile phones, pagers and email alerts, text messages, people popping up on gazillion different messenger services and the general availability and overload of information around us. We just don't need new rookies in this arena.

oh ... you play because your job is boring? ... "spending that time finding a better job would be much more beneficial for you"
... you play because you don't have a job? ... "this is better since its only self destructive ..."
... you play because you can handle it and the job perfect at the same time? ... "I do not buy this at all"

Thursday, July 23, 2009

All on board

Ship is all set once again, crew on board, ready to sail the storm. We've got one month of pure effort ahead of us for realizing the mythological world of Garshasp and his epic journey to redeem his ancestor's critical weapon and avenge Oroxia's death.

These days are packed with events, interactions with team members, production efforts, hope, wishes, determination and love. A few members have been added to help out in the finishing tasks. The crew which are actually all real Ninjas are showing tremendous efforts and focus on the tasks, we are all aiming for the same goal and know about the tough journey ahead in the coming month.

sde is taken back to the mythic world and is visualizing all he sees over there, he occasionally returns back and to our world and interacts with us... spl is re-creating the magical land with his hands, forming space, reversing time ... pms exhales the divine breath and brings the creatures to life ... fhm sacrifices his blood to enable the creation of the world ... yzt is working for the goddess of light to help bring out the magical miracles the light can display to the eyes ... mmd is shaping the symbols of power and grace for the rulers of the kingdom ... hhh is re-living the experiences of the mythic heroes ... hes is fighting the eternal combat with the evil forces ... idn is mesmerized with the soul taking phenomena in the world ... trz is providing the pieces to remake the empire ... fnk is breeding the monsters ... ark hears what they say ... mva is feeling the emotions ...

The experience has been real fun so far, we've learnt a lot, probably the toughest times for all of us, what we need is the highest focus from everyone in the next 30 days. The rise of our hero will only happen upon the rise of the hero inside each and everyone of these guys.

Dark wild storm ... here we come ... the sun shall rise.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


The divinity of immortality is whats going to be around in the coming days, that is the time we have to finish up our "Garshasp" tasks. Huge effort is necessary by the team and all the activities and energy so far needs to be integrated and polished in this month.

A month we need to live and breathe again, be conscious on the fractions of seconds passing, show synergy in the rhythm of days.

Only the super heroic efforts of our dev guys can make our super hero become immortal in Amertat.

Monday, July 06, 2009

We had fun for some time ....

I had always been a Japanese Anime and Manga fan but the recent days life style of mine has diminished the opportunities to catch up with the whole atmosphere. Very recently, a food friend at work brought me the DVDs containing a Japanese Anime series called: "Death Note". I thought that the DVD will be queued like the many movies I've stored, in the hopes of viewing one day, one day which is totally not any of these days. Realizing that these series contained 37 episodes made me sure they'll gather lots of dust before being watched.

Anyway, quite unexpectedly, I decided to watch a portion of the first episode in order to evaluate its art style and see how the Anime scene has progressed, that was it .... I froze like water in absolute zero degree in fron to of the TV ... watched every second ... and by that I literally mean every second... listened to every word spoken on the series... thought about every action ... and whole heartedly enjoyed the whole 37 episodes in quite a few days. Absolute euphoric experience that I had probably never enjoyed before from any entertainment of this form.

This thing is just great, period. Wonderful story with lots of mind twists, good philosophical foundations, excellent directing, art, voice over (had lots of japanese nostalgia run to me by the way) and awesome music, specially the dead metal theme intro from episode 20 on.

The pace started strong and never cooled down afterwards, something usually not experienced in other movies and series.

I gotta find the other story worked on by the author now.

The last statement of the series : " ... we had fun for some time".