Saturday, June 29, 2013

7 Supernatural

It is supernatural how being engaged in a highly challenging technical and artistic journey like developing a video game is constructed upon the foundations of a great team. It is supernatural how it seems that technical and artistic prowess is the number one necessity for the heroes in the team, but in reality it all boils down to the individual attitudes and chemistry between the great players in the team.

I have been part of a supernatural team working on video games for the past 7 years. I have clearly witnessed magic happening when we have had the opportunity to be a team. I have shamefully witnessed much technical mastery go down the drain in team dysfunction.

How it is all so supernatural, the magic that builds up around a few connected individuals, the brotherhood, the unity, the everlasting moments that spread much meaning from the internal desires aligned by the same vision and strengthened by a feeling to belong. Belong to the same team. A supernatural concept called a team.

Studying in Engineering and following science and being curious about the interactions of the subjects with the world will help make you blind from seeing what needs to be seen in order to proceed in the rough paths of novelty and creativity. Blind from seeing the supernatural power of the individuals in sync.

It is all about the people. It is all about the emotions rising on top of their mastery. It is all about a journey full of life.

7 years have let me experience working with many great individuals, many of whom I've learned a lot from, laughed with, cried with and felt the supernatural feelings. Many of whom I might travel far with in the future and many whom I won't ever see again. Many who present or absent, are part of what becomes of me. Memories remaining.

7 years have taught engineering, science and art how trust, love and brotherhood bring light to the darkest and coldest nights. Teaching the unteachable. The alchemy of the real people. The tango of the hemispheres over the solo of the left.

The 7 supernatural years.   

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Storm Scars

Gustav is staring ... staring at the only thing stable in his life ... the infinite ocean ... the witness of his whole life ... Gustav is not here ... not now ... never drowned in the blue ocean but drowned now in his unconscious chaos of emotions ... emotions that were never witnessed by his crew ... secrets known only by the most chaotic companion of his life ... the one he spent most of his time in ... sailing with his ship ... the birds fear Gustav in this state ... anyone fears Gustav in this state ... the sound of the ice in his glass makes him wonder for a second if there has been any waves in the calm ocean ... no ... nothing to make the old and courage ship move ... his conscious mind was here many times before ... felt the feelings so much that it can easily pursue the subconscious mind into the dark lands ... lands darker than the darkest storms in the blackened waters of the north ... he feels the warmth of the unknown source in the dark caves of his unconscious mind ... a re-assuring energy ... an unknown so beautiful and full that push away the cold and uncertain memories of the stormy nights like ashes in a strong wind ... Gustav is not here ... his bruised body is ... his soul ... deep in the caves in search ... caves that breed the seeds that are the sources for him continuing on his journey ... can he ever see inside the caves ... never is the answer ... he knows it and he does not care ... he is born to live the life in the ocean ... oceans he travelled with his crew ... many gone and many with him ... Gustav is the crew gone ... living the experience forever ... forever in the waters that spiral forever ... up and down ... through the dark and into the cold ... with the joy and the ever lasting sorrows ... Gustav feels alive right on the border of death ... do they see the shores when he sees them ... is it the shores everyone is waiting for ... shores never delivered happiness ... deflecting the spear of Poseidon always did ... hearing the heart beat sound of the sailors did ... cracking the thick ice on the surface of the freezing oceans always did ... breaking his sword when stuck in the neck of the monsters always did ... this meaning was the souvenir for him from the caves ... souvenir from life ... Gustav will do what needs to be done ... will gather his will back on the ship while exhaling the final dancing naive smoke of his cigar ... will cover one eye to remind himself that it is not the distracting shallow vision he needs ... not the view that the deserters see every second ... the truth is in the un-tellable ... Gustav will only look ahead ... eye to an eye with the gods ... eye to an eye with the demons ... eye to an eye with life ... sets sail one more time with no concern for the ones in or out ... sets sail towards the sailable ... to feel alive ... towards the meaning which has only been a guest of the dark caves deep inside ... off he goes ... no sorrow in his mind ... reborn with one thing in his mind ... slaying demons and gods!