Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stepping on the shoulder of giants ...

The recent ubiquity of information using the internet, whether getting answers to questions, learning new techniques, or accessing open source code has enabled some possibilities that I think can not be fully understood at the moment.

Things can be done and achieved today that weren't even dreams 15 years ago. My concrete examples are expert community websites and using open source software.

However there seems to be a shift in the type of problem that we face.

The problem which was not knowing something, not having access to some code a few years ago has transformed in to not having the time to find out, or not following the information in the appropriate way. Maybe we can say that knowing what not to have is the most valuable skill that someone needs in this new era.

Focus would be a key attitude since the state space has increased tremendously, and we are limited so much in our time.

It was rather hard to find the giants to go over their shoulders and there used to be many many giants unnoticed, but right now it seems like you're in the middle of an American football field with a lot of giants as players and you'd have to decide about which one to select and be careful not to be tossed over with a tackle. Isaac Newton is watching from the private room, never thought it would become like this.

.... the most recent giant that I've found is Project Dark Star as a multi player server infrastructure software ...

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Seven said...

I've really sensed this problem, specially the time we were looking for a better CMS in the company...I have many things to say about the topic...but I think IT will solve the I don't know...;-)

By the way the most recent giant that I've found is MODx CMS.