Thursday, October 18, 2007

The moment

.. you feel the wind move by your ears... you see the nervous face in front of you ... in complete rhythm with the movement ... in complete rhythm with the sound ... get pushed to the right ... the wind goes by faster... the sweat on your face makes you feel really cool ... a sudden force felt on the leg ... a sudden stop ... the left hand comes to show support ... while the heart is pushing out the blood, you feel weight less ... the movement of the wind gets slower ... a white object passes by your eyes ... everything else goes down ... suddenly you feel time has stopped, everything has stopped... at the peak ... why am not always in this state ... time to let go ... release it ... the moment of absolute confidence ... you let go ... seems like by doing that, all the mass of the earth starts to pull you down ... the wind starts to move slowly by the ears again ... feel the ground again ... try to control the land ... everything moves again ... where was I? ... what is the next move? ... what you had released has reached the rim now ... (better go in it !)

Also know as pull up J !


Dan Bonab said...

I didn't know you had so much fun in such a sophisticated way when you were hitting those jumpers! unfortunately not everybody has the gift of vertical leap as you do to experience what you described there. There is an old saying "I wish I could do that!". Amiros, BTW, write a little bit about Web2, that'd be nice. Cheers.

Amir H. Fassihi said...


Well the vertical leaps of "Danesh Varzesh" are known to everyone :)

About web 2.0, I'll try.. but my friend Farshid ( is usually focused on that area too..