Monday, October 15, 2007

Change in title

There is a new title for this blog. The increment operator is being used for "Thought".

I have recently been thinking about the idea of how we have two things in the whole world, processes and entities and how these two transform into one another and the duality in between. Well a lot can be said about this topic and a lot has been said, I will probably touch upon it every once in a while since I really believe there are some very basic and critical ideas hidden in this area of knowledge.

It seems that being in a process is one attitude which is needed for improvement. At every instant of time, you can think about making something better, trying again, working harder, playing harder, moving ... and these are all example of being in a process. Staying in an entity situation would be when you believe that you are at a state and need to remain there, or stop from doing something to change state .... not performing any actions... which seems to be something that could stop improvement and a real danger for evolution, maybe we should be grateful that evolution itself never thinks this way.

So what about the ++ operator? Whenever you look at it, it is incrementing, it is moving, it is trying again and never rests in a state, never becomes an entity ... hmm.. what a nice thing... lots of things can be learned from this small operator... can make anything enhance and evolve.

Every post in this blog would be the result of an increment in the thought process, or maybe every post can cause an increment in the thought process of the author, which might probably be the real reason behind this blog... reminds me of reflection... well at least this is what I wish for and the thoughts becoming an entity is what I would try to avoid...

.. and it has to be a prefix operator rather than a postfix operator...

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