Saturday, November 08, 2008

A new beginning

I feel like a just passed an important milestone and there is a new beginning ahead. The number one priority in this next phase is to complete Soshiant Game with the level of quality which we have been after. There are going to be some business meetings regarding finding possible funding for this project but either way, the project will go on full force, we just have to see who will ride this wave with us.

There have been a few requests to our team for creating small to medium size games but we will not follow those paths since the number one priority is to finish up our own product. Those projects will derail us and make us lose the focus and a project based work on game development is not part of our main strategy anyway. That is the easy path, we are selecting the hard path. No slavery.

Everyone who feels they can be categorized as technical advises us to buy a 3rd party game engine and explain to us how we can never finish up this project with the path we have taken, using OGRE3D and our own code, well this is our little message to all these technical friends: "spend your time minding your own business!".


MNO said...

Being different makes fresh and new outcomes.

By the way this post reminds me of MAGE? where does it fit on the whole picture? is this what you mean by saying your own code?

Amir H. Fassihi said...

MAGE is deep in our heart ;)..
Yes exactly, we will extract the best concepts and ideas from Soshiant Game to form MAGE.

La Néant 虛無 said...

It's been interesting reading your blog. As ignorant as I may sound from saying this (pardon me if I do), I didn't know that there was a gaming industry in Iran. Cool!

Amir H. Fassihi said...

It isn't quite an industry yet but it is growing fast...