Saturday, November 22, 2008

Education is Dead!

The organized education system as we know today is dead. It just doesn't work. The new age has brought lots of complexities (not a bad thing) with it and the education system has not been able to keep up with these changes and we are following the methods that were designed more than a hundred years ago. A revolution is necessary.

Don't show me the successful individuals as the byproducts of the existing education system since those are just 1 step from the 100 hundred possible useful steps that an education system can take in order to facilitate the journey of an individual in the city of knowledge. The current system is losing the other 99 steps.

The class room and class text books which used to be the ultimate sources of information one day have turned into the least important information input sources, thanks to pervasive global information around us, floating in networks and revealing itself to us in the form of TV images, movies, websites, music ....The frequency of information input from the classroom is not comparable to the data input frequency out there.

The ideal education system should inform us about science, ethics and art. In other words introduce us with the natural world we live in, the society we interact with and the meanings we can find individually in things such as paintings or music. This doesn't seem to be happening the way it can these days. If the education system can help a lot regarding these matters and help the majority, then it is worth spending so much of our lives following the rigid structures, otherwise, let humans flourish on their own and spend their whole time over great things they desire.

Now there are many different aspect that can be discussed regarding the current problems and there can be many solutions proposed as has been so far and I won't be able to get into such topics in this post but all I feel right now is that something big needs to be done since it is NOT working!

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