Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Battle

We are in a very important stage now... a stage which we know, or at least I know, that we can finish up the Soshiant project really strong and believe in the great things that can happen after that. I see years of opportunities and excitement, not without lots of challenge, ahead. It was quite interesting for me to find out that this is not necessarily the view of some of the team members, it was quite strange for me to find out about this in fact since everything is so crystal clear for me. Anyway, nothing can prove anything exept time and I am looking forward to Zorvan and his strong horsemen to help out here. We will run, slash, push, crawl, bleed all the way alongside Zorvan and the courage believers and patient non-believers will celebrate this victory. I will not stop till that day comes.


Seven said...

I'm sure that day will come definitely. And the Zurvan will prove it ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in God so I won't say "enshallah" or things like that, and I hate to use the word "I hope everything works" since people who use that kind of words are "sitting-on-biroon-e-goad" and are not part of the problem and know nothing, so, I can't find words for whats inside me but all I can do is to infuse my energy with you and your team and work hard to be able to take some of the burden out of your shoulders.