Saturday, November 22, 2008

Becoming rather than Being

Insomniac is one of the successful game development studios which is in business for around 14 years now. They have a special plan known as the Nocturnal Initiative, where they share part of their tools and source code. I've come to think about this attitude many times and wondered about their real intentions behind such plans since their business model is closed source in general and we don't see such movement much from other studios. There has been a recent interview in Gamasutra with their CEO and Creative Designer Ted Price which reveals a lot from what they believe in.

They have been very open at their community event about their internals and when asked about why they are this way, Ted says: "In this industry, things move so quickly that there really aren't that many trade secrets necessarily. It's more about your production process, it's more about being efficient and continuing to push your design".

Beautifully said. All three parts are related to becoming rather than being,continuous change, the importance of process over entities. How can you not get better everyday when this is what you believe in.

Just great.

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