Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Quest of Persia (Lotfali Khan)

I have been following the news around the "Lotfali Khan" game for a while now, it has been on the newspapers and magazines a lot. The game seemed very interesting and something that could reduce the gap between the games developed in Iran and the international games. I saw an ad for the game finally today in the newspaper and ordered it through phone right away. Apparently the developers have decided to publish it themselves via direct sales and not through the classical distribution channels, how effective this decision can be needs more research. It was delivered to our office this afternoon and I felt a sudden rush of excitement. The excitement was due to the fact that finally there was an Iranian game that was rather serious and a try at being a AAA title. We've been experiencing the game development road for around a year and half now and this release from Puya Arts means a lot for us. Everything about it satisfies our curiosity and concerns regarding what we are doing. The first aspect was of course how the game was distributed, then the box. I have to admit that I expected a bit more from the packaging and a simple DVD cover package with one sheet of A4 paper in it was just so minimal. I installed it right away, the whole install process was interesting for me, it needed to install PhysX runtime which is the physics engine that we are trying to use for Soshiant. The installation was smooth and then there was a registration procedure, online code generation, which seems something logical and almost one of the best options for fighting against piracy, although having a call center for providing the codes to users would have helped since relying only on the internet might not be very convenient for all users. Anyway, the registration was smooth too and there started the game. The initial screens and UI was nice, a short cinematic style of animation for providing the back story, which was nice and after that the game play kicked in. The whole style of the game is third person action in the style of prince of persia. Artwork is nice. Now comparing the game with titles such as Prince of Persia might not be the best thing to do right now since the game play, combat, controls, scale and camera are not comparable and the overall performance of the game seems to be low since it lags frame-rate even on moderate graphics cards but considering the fact that this game is the first to leap to this stage from almost no other history, the team had a small experience with another game before, and having in mind how small the development team is and that they have finished a game project completely without major funding reveals how courageous this team is and what a big challenge they have overcome. Nothing but pure love can enable a team to showcase such an achievement. Thank you for bringing Iranian game development to this level Puya Arts and hope to see this industry excel everyday with the help of everybody involved in the field.

I encourage you to purchase this game as soon as you can, it will help you with some history facts too.

The C4 game engine has been used for creating this game.

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