Saturday, May 24, 2008

Create since you know you will fade ...

I was referred to a talk recorded from one of the sessions of Professor Hashtroodi recently and I was really shocked by the beauty, intensity, power and overall composition of his talk. Its interesting how people reaching a certain level in any field tend to find the whole concepts of this world and usually converge to similar ideas and beliefs.

A highlight from the talk was the idea that human beings are the only animals that are aware of their death and this awareness is the root of all artistic creations. Creations that are manifestations of the will of human beings to overcome death.



Dan Bonab said...


Maybe and just maybe creations are manifestations of the will of human beings to leave somthing for furture generations and not just to overcome the fear of death. Maybe we create arts to send messages to future generations to help them survive and inspire them to create as well. Remeber although we die but our genes are immortal. Quite frankly if I have to pick between a life and a death theory I pick the former!


Amir H. Fassihi said...

Dan man,

Some things are immortal ... yes. Well in fact I remembered a talk I had with you a while back also when I heard this talk. Remember when you said that a lot of what we see today as part of humanity is this way since the humans know they will die, and if they knew they were eternal then probably a lot of things would have been different, different in a bad way. Hashtroodi mentions something similar in that if humans weren't mortals, there would have been no art or morality.