Monday, May 05, 2008

Do you look at your watch while at work?

People spend more than 50 percent of their lives at the work environment and if you take out the times that people are watching TV out (since that is mesmerized time and doesn't really count), then maybe more than 85 percent of the lives is spent at the work environment. This is huge. How do people feel in this 85 percent? Are they having fun? Are they happy? Can it be fun? Do we plan a lot and decide using enough information for finding the jobs and following the professional careers? Graham has a great essay on the topic?

It would've been great if there were mechanisms in school to find out the type of activities suitable for each individual and also let them experience the flavor for different kind of jobs. We need new techniques in academia related to hooking up people to job types. In fact the world will be a much much better place if the right people are placed in the right places.

Another interesting writing from Graham regarding the differences between working in large sized companies and small companies here.

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