Friday, May 09, 2008

On the peak of Power!

We were able to clear God of War 1 with the help of our great tools coder, Faham. The ending reminded me of the ending in the movie "God Father 1". Maybe all movies or games with "God" in them should end like this :).

Kratos is offered to be the actual "God of War" and sits on his throne. Michael Corleone is also offered to be the "God Father" and sits on his chair (throne). They both sit there, alone, with the same gesture and get drowned in deep thinking. I am sure they both have the same thoughts at those moments, thoughts that will be generated in the mind knowing you possess the ultimate power. Well if we observe the results, it is clear that they both engage in the same types of actions after that, God of War 2 and God Father 2. Beautiful.

The next time you saw a man sitting alone on a chair like that, beware of the consequences.

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