Monday, January 05, 2009

Wille zur Macht

I had a chance to read a Nietzsche quotes book recently and felt that the least I can do is to re-write these selected few here:

One should always yearn to experience major difficulties from the bottom of his heart.

One could do anything he has to, and when someone says "I couldn't", it means that he doesn't want to use his will power.

Mastership is obtained when one doesn't hesitate or blunder in time of taking action.

Continual tranquility is wearisome, sometimes storms are needed.

The honourable and reverent men's mistakes are respected, because of their usefulness. But the accomplishments of the ordinary men are not even comparable to their mistakes.

If a man dwells among the noble human beings, he will forget the pride. It is loneliness that foments the pride.

The one who has discovered the reason for being alive, will bear the different stages of life.

We should never give a room to envy, but we should say: with the first foolishness, the second will follow.

The weak always crawl into the powerful men's hearts in hidden fashion and stealthily provide power for themselves.

Anything such as trials and tribulations that defeat me or ruin me will make me stronger at last.

Everytime we find our identity, we discover that occasionally we may lose it and then we will eventually find ourselves again, cobsidering if we have thoughts and awareness.

The increase of wisdom can be measured by decreasing of wrath.

Will power is the motivation for freedom. For, to desire is to create. This is my instruction and your only job is learning how to create.


arta said...

yes i have read this book but it was so hard for me so i had to read it like 3 times to undrestand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm constantly thinking about some of them and I can't even crack them, maybe due to translation from German to English some "Lost in Translation" happened.

arta said...

yes i think it could be that because i have read shahnameh of ferdowsi in english and it wasnt that good like it's persian version.