Thursday, January 15, 2009

Life Goals in Ashmooghville

Digging my aged laptop, I found the following research report which was an attempt to use evolutionary computation to model certain aspects of life and try to solve an optimization problem for life which maximizes happiness.
Of course there are lots of simplifications and assumptions in the study but it can act as a very simple root for further more complex studies.

Anyway if you ever wondered what the Ashmooghs (mythological creatures) did eventually to feel happy in Ashmooghville, you can read this report. (Farsi Text)


The idea here is that we assume these creatures have goals in 4 different layers which can be measured by a single attribute.
In the biological layer, they try to maximize their lifetime.
In the psychological layer, which acts as the software for the biological layer, they try to maximize their pleasure.
In the social layer, they try to maximize their power.
In the cultural layer (software for the social layer), their goal is to maximize the amount of meaning in their life.

Assuming they have limited tasks which can be selected in their life span, the question then would be to know what to do in life in order to maximize happiness based on the above 4 parameters.

An evolutionary program has been developed to do a bit of an analysis on the situation.

If youre interested in playing with the code and tweaking the attributes, download the code here:

Ashmooghville Java Source Code

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