Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Horizon

When the enemies have outnumbered and no victory is visible in the horizon ... people surrender ... people wait ... people doubt the situation .... but the Samurai fight ... they will fight hard and live the life ... for they have been born to fight ... they find the ultimate meanings in the instances while engaged in the battle grounds and not surrendering ... this is their way which seems insanity by the skeptical.


Anonymous said...


syros said...

with a doubting state of mind i got,the reason is that the samurai "knows what he is fighting for"!
better say born with goal not born to fight (of course you know samurai way more than me!), i think every human being would fight for triumph if he/she "truly believe" the reason for the "BIG FIGHT" in the god damn life!

syros said...

and beer in mind that an enemy sword is sharp enough to cut a true samurai body in half, no matter how much he could stay in that fu[...]'n battle field!