Saturday, December 01, 2012

Enemies ... oh .. so wise!

For some reason the enemies of Batman have a lot of philosophical quotes! Joker had lots and this is my favorite one from Bane: "Victory has defeated you!"  ...aah ... how Victory can defeat people indeed... indeed ....

By the way, I feel that the recent Batman series are going down a kind of uncanny valley, once you get too deep in the meanings and become serious, then the guy wearing the strange custom and jumping around kind of feels out of place! Maybe super hero movies should find a different direction?

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Arian .M said...

Nolan changed batman completely from what Tim burton stared and disaster the 3 and 4th sequel made !. it's not just a super hero movie but very deep very fascinating way to tell a old comic story, i wish the avengers was another nolan batman series, but besides of very wonderful cinematography and visual effect,screen script and story have nothing to say ... chill out :D