Sunday, December 02, 2012


The verdict is here, before I turn 37, I am going to select the best music album of my entire life! Something I never thought would be possible but for some strange reason is quite obvious now. Drums rolling .... "Bad Motor Finger" by Soundgarden (1991) is at the all time number one position! Decision is made based on the music, vocals and lyrics and the magical fact that all of the tracks in this album are exceptional. The mysterious note is that every track you hear from this album feels better than the previous one, once you reach the end, listening to the first track one more time feels even better than the last. This is the concept of a strange loop, exactly like an Escher painting, an ever growing loop, like everything else in life.

Another major point is that for some reason I am absolutely certain that there will not ever be any album better than "Bad Motor Finger" in the future! Thank you Soundgarden for this miracle!


Bad Motor Finger
Strange Loop
Honorable Mentions: 10 by Pearl Jam, Jar of Flies by Alice in Chains, Far Beyond Driven by Pantera, Undertow by Tool, Black Album by Metallica, Use Your Illusion by Guns 'n Roses


adoosh said...

I've got 3 for you:
Rust in Peace...Megadeth
Seasons in the abyss...Slayer

Amir H. Fassihi said...

Oh Dear Lord, have mercy on me... I forgot about Seasons in the Abyss!!!... well .. it should definitely be in the honorable mentions sections, .... Rust in Peace agreed too ... Aenima is quite awesome but Undertow gets to be there before Aenima ... Did you notice that all these have been released in approximately the same years .. whats up? Was there magic in those years or was there magic in us in those years? Whatever it was, the magic still lives!!!

adoosh said...

The magic was you
The light was you
The open was you
The closed was you


"You look[ed] so precious..."