Monday, August 10, 2009

Third lesson

What I learn from my 13 months old son.

"The real values are hidden behind the superficial layers we have created on top of objects and the importance of new experiences".

To him, the wrinkled packaging and plastic covers of a toy is as amusing as the toy itself, he finds ultimate joy in watching objects we usually don't care about, such as the cable of an electric device. He shows great effort to seek that which looks new, wasn't there before and is rather unknown. Why don't I pay attention to the aesthetic features of a plastic bag? Because the society has put me in this beautiful mold of definitions and value hierarchies which are not necessarily in line with the human nature.

Change is valuable, its what we feel, its how we perceive being alive. Seeking new experiences is how we are hard wired to take actions. Being able to be new makes us feel the freedom, feel the difference which makes us significant. Stability will be ignored by us really quick, we will not see it, we will not feel it, no change is death even if in Heaven.

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