Monday, August 10, 2009

Frozen state of life in Fire

Most of my activities are frozen these days, activities such as reading books, articles, watching movies , etc. Somehow any little time that can be allocated to an activity tends to be dedicated to the Garshasp project.

The project is gong forward well, although lots and lots to do but the team is being exceptional. Each and every one of the guys rolling the Garshasp project forward have proven to be real heroes, working days and nights. The heat of this fire is significant. This is all that is important at this stage, for the team to perform well, get stronger, experience more, become stronger individually and as a team, this is whats valuable for us if we want to do good in the future, much much more important than the result of this project itself is the great guys forming a great team.

So far they've shown the magic and all the vocabulary we need in the coming days is:
try .. focus ... try ... believe ... rebound from failure... learn ... try ... focus ... learn ... help ... believe ... focus ... have fun...

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