Monday, July 06, 2009

We had fun for some time ....

I had always been a Japanese Anime and Manga fan but the recent days life style of mine has diminished the opportunities to catch up with the whole atmosphere. Very recently, a food friend at work brought me the DVDs containing a Japanese Anime series called: "Death Note". I thought that the DVD will be queued like the many movies I've stored, in the hopes of viewing one day, one day which is totally not any of these days. Realizing that these series contained 37 episodes made me sure they'll gather lots of dust before being watched.

Anyway, quite unexpectedly, I decided to watch a portion of the first episode in order to evaluate its art style and see how the Anime scene has progressed, that was it .... I froze like water in absolute zero degree in fron to of the TV ... watched every second ... and by that I literally mean every second... listened to every word spoken on the series... thought about every action ... and whole heartedly enjoyed the whole 37 episodes in quite a few days. Absolute euphoric experience that I had probably never enjoyed before from any entertainment of this form.

This thing is just great, period. Wonderful story with lots of mind twists, good philosophical foundations, excellent directing, art, voice over (had lots of japanese nostalgia run to me by the way) and awesome music, specially the dead metal theme intro from episode 20 on.

The pace started strong and never cooled down afterwards, something usually not experienced in other movies and series.

I gotta find the other story worked on by the author now.

The last statement of the series : " ... we had fun for some time".

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