Thursday, July 23, 2009

All on board

Ship is all set once again, crew on board, ready to sail the storm. We've got one month of pure effort ahead of us for realizing the mythological world of Garshasp and his epic journey to redeem his ancestor's critical weapon and avenge Oroxia's death.

These days are packed with events, interactions with team members, production efforts, hope, wishes, determination and love. A few members have been added to help out in the finishing tasks. The crew which are actually all real Ninjas are showing tremendous efforts and focus on the tasks, we are all aiming for the same goal and know about the tough journey ahead in the coming month.

sde is taken back to the mythic world and is visualizing all he sees over there, he occasionally returns back and to our world and interacts with us... spl is re-creating the magical land with his hands, forming space, reversing time ... pms exhales the divine breath and brings the creatures to life ... fhm sacrifices his blood to enable the creation of the world ... yzt is working for the goddess of light to help bring out the magical miracles the light can display to the eyes ... mmd is shaping the symbols of power and grace for the rulers of the kingdom ... hhh is re-living the experiences of the mythic heroes ... hes is fighting the eternal combat with the evil forces ... idn is mesmerized with the soul taking phenomena in the world ... trz is providing the pieces to remake the empire ... fnk is breeding the monsters ... ark hears what they say ... mva is feeling the emotions ...

The experience has been real fun so far, we've learnt a lot, probably the toughest times for all of us, what we need is the highest focus from everyone in the next 30 days. The rise of our hero will only happen upon the rise of the hero inside each and everyone of these guys.

Dark wild storm ... here we come ... the sun shall rise.

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