Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The curse is over!

Khodroweb is up again! After being in-active for a few years, the site is back up again.
The initial idea was implemented 6 years ago but since the situation of online payments wasn't very popular with the people at that time, we had to provide a semi-manual method for running the website where "Tele-marketing" was used for finding new advertisers and an agent would physically go to their place, take the pictures and information and the payment and come back to the main office so that their car ad was inserted into the website database. This model was obviously not the ideal model for such a business and we were carrying on with it until the time that online payments where used easily by the mass so that people could upload their car ad and pay online without any need for physical interactions. This fact didn't become popular among the poeple as we had expected and so we had no chance but to suspend the activities of the website for a while. We've been trying to bring the service back online for quite a while but different issues (the Curse) prevented it to happen. The whole code base was re-written twice in .net and two times in php and never saw the light.

Although this new version of the site is not still what we expect from this system and we have lots of plans for it, marketing and technical, but it is just a small step forward and hope to see our ideas transformed into Khodroweb features very soon.

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