Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Boot camp

The exhibition has been postponed for about a week, which is an excellent news for us.

We've started a boot camp already to see how much we can have done in this week and the first night of this camp was highly valuable, another spark from the team with lots of nice things done. The main scene was assembled together and rendered using 1600x1400 resolution for the first time on full screen which was quite exciting. Polishing and making sure every part fits together very well and ensuring solid game play is probably the highest risk we are facing right now and the plan is to play test as soon as possible, although there is still lots to do. The ocean is cold, dark and there is storm all around but the group is still hanging on and patience, focus, passion and again patience is what can lead us to dry land.

Off we go...

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Anonymous said...

we gonna make it man, i won let this go ..., i will hang on to the rope of god... ;), late at night and not funny words, sorry to put this cheep comment on such serious post, but as know we are all f[...] up minded, specially at 4-5. :).