Friday, July 11, 2008

Shine on the world

There have been quite a few very exciting news from the game development industry lately. Havok physics engine becoming free to use for game developers being the first, thanks to intel. Ageia PhysX accuired by Nvidia and trying to integrate Natural Motions tools for enhanced physics and animation features the second news. The third being Crytek, releasing a full modding SDK with source code and lots of documentation for the CryEngine, I'm not sure how much of the code has been released though.

This trend has existed in the open source world for a few years now but these are actions being taken by giants of the commercial world. Not to forget all the cool tools and technology from Nvidia.

Whether the reason behind all these possibilities for game development is better business models for the vendors, increased power for the vendor by increasing the power of the community, or simply a few developers and managers wishing to see everyone else use their wonderful systems, all these mean excellent opportunities for enhancing the knowledge, skills and techniques of the development team. Somthing unheard of and unseen in the past. It enables a development team to experience years in just a few months or maybe even days. But are we ready for this speed yet? Well... needs more thought .... the new development team today must look and act a lot different from 10 years ago ... and the results can be much different from 10 years ago... all these magical tools and frameworks need a grand mage to use them ... "Becareful what you wish for ... you just might get it !"

PS. by the way, Diablo 3 is ultra cool !

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