Friday, July 25, 2008

I swear it changed direction ...

When I first came to know the sports Baseball, I hated it. Then for a while, it was OK and then I used to love it. The role of Japan in this transition is not negligible, or in fact it might even be significant and major.

The last time I was engaged with the sport was from the days that we went to practice in Tehran's Team with my great friend Ghaaj. Until now that another great friend of mine, Ash, is visiting town and we got busy with a little catch ball practice which opened up the pandora's box and made a lot of memories and emotions flow out!

The movement of the ball is very important in this field. Specifically for the pitch. Different pitching types are used by pitchers which claim the make the ball move in different kinds of trajectories, ranging from straight and fast, to curve and fall, even a ball which can shake while it traverses from the pitchers hands to the catchers glove. Those who have played the sport have all witnessed this bu many have been skeptical about all these and considered these different kind of ball motions and myths or as some imaginations. Well, here is the scientific reasons behind it. The same aerodynamical rules apply for a football, tennis or even basketball.

Lets do some more CB.

By the way, Masumi Kuwata was my big time idol for a long time.I remember he had a perfect (no hit) game with the Yomiuri Giants in his rookie year.


Seven said...

The same feeling when I was learning the sport in Khorasan Team...and also I was always wondering how it is possible for the pitchers to do know it is easy to make a big ball like football ball to have such a movement but not for a small and heavy ball... but when our coach showed us some movies...ummmmm I believe it...but how?!! I personally had some few exprienced to pitch that way but they were unintentionally!!! lol!
Even how a pitcher can decide where an curve ball should change the direction! one meter to the batter or more or less??!!!!
But I can describe baseball as a kind of combination of physical sports and chess. :)

Amir H. Fassihi said...

Good to know you tried baseball :). About the time for changing directions, near the home plate should be an illusion and the curve should be probably uniform throughout the path...