Monday, March 31, 2008

Strong Justice

Its been quite a few years that the "Strongest Man" competition is aired from the TV every new year (Nowruz). The competition is very tough and rugged but there is a very soft and smooth feeling I get whenever I watch it. Well the feeling stems from seeing a fact in this competition, a fact which can't be found anywhere else.

These guys, so huge and strong, will challenge themselves on an item, do whatever they can, try their best, and this is literally "their best", and afterwards when they are so tired and dead, stop and get a score for whatever they have shown. They never argue afterwards, they completely agree that their score is fair. Pure manifestation of justice, very rare.

There are a lot of arguments during and after competitions or generally everywhere usually. The reasons are sometimes related to random features, "... oh I had misfortune ... oh it could have been that way .... oh it should've been like that ...." and a lot of times related to blames, " ... oh that referee did this .... oh the audience ... oh my team mate did that ... "

You don't see any of that in the Strongest Man championship, the dudes always know what has happened is what should have happened. Maybe since the challenge is so primitive and pure, the only thing which is to blame is the lack of effort they have had in the previous year training, how constructive. Their minds are so relaxed.

The interesting point here is that you even see signs of coopetition in this tournament.

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