Sunday, March 16, 2008


I had the privilege and honor to grab a PS2 controller very recently and experience this ultimate human creation from the digital world very recently and oh My God of War .....

This experience (this is the best word I can select for this thing since "game" is not going to define it!!) is just absolutely something unique and excellent ... perfection in game play, art, music, story, sequences ... what else can be said. It is just hard to imagine a game that could be better than this one. Excellent job done by Sony Santa Monica studios.

Products such as this which can shuffle your heart and mind are few ...


Anonymous said...

Well, if you were talking about the first GoW, I'd suggest trying the second, but seeing that you are playing GoWII, I'd imagine it would be very hard to find a game to top that experience.
I've finished the game 4 times and I'm going through the fifth! I (and a couple of friends) have finished all the 7 Challenge of the Titans, I have unlocked pretty much all there is to unlock in this game and yet every time I fire up the PS2, I either play GoW, or count the minutes till other people are done playing PES or Ace Combat or whatever so I can go back and play God of War!
I'm seriously contemplating buying a PSP (although I don't like it at all) so I can play the upcoming GoW: Chains of Olympus. I've already played the demo version and it was awesome!

In short, I agree with you 100%. It's the greatest game of all time, no argument about it. It's like a sledgehammer (or better yet, the Barbarian King's Hammer) straight onto your brain!

I don't know how much you've played it, but finish it at least 3 times: god mode, then (try) titan mode (I haven't been able to, yet) and then the mortal mode. All of them are worthwhile and different experiences onto their own. Finish all the challenges, find all the urns and the three super-chests. (I'm just saying these to whet your appetite!) I know you are a busy person, but it's worth it.

Now that you have played GoWII, the first installment might look a bit drab and ordinary, but it's a wonderful game too. Play that as well, if you get a chance.

For me, the most amazing thing is that they are doing all this sweet graphics and action on a 300MHz CPU, 32MiB of RAM, a 150MHz GPU and 4MiB(!) of VRAM! Shame on me as a programmer! That system specs can't even run my day to day test programs! (This is probably not true, but you know what I mean!)

Amir H. Fassihi said...

Yes exactly ... the low consumption of this thing is just amazing and look at the timing, right when the NextGen consoles are out, here comes this monster which shouts:"There are a lot of other things that matter first, other than high end hardware!!"