Friday, January 18, 2008

Hallo Otto !!

We've been busy in the recent weeks with providing a simple demo game for a company in Germany. The subject character is Otto, a German comedian and the main video concept for the demo can be viewed here.

The character dances and moves in an area which is part of Emden, with a fancy touch and you as the player can hit him by throwing fishes :).

Graphics engine used is OGRE. All meshes are created using 3D Max by Syrous, and textured in photoshop by him, he has been responsible for the overall artistic styles also. Animation and skinning done in Max by Peyman. Some vertex and pixel shaders have been used such as Fake HDR, Motion blur, Specular maps and per pixel lighting. Yaser has been the guru who has helped out in shaders. Caelum has been used for modeling the sky. Among notable features which we tested in this demo are component based object design and the use of a finite state machine.

The physics engine used is PhysX and OpenAL has been used for sound and music.

This demo might lead to a bigger game project.


Anonymous said...

Happy I could help a little with this great job you'd been doing. But what I did was just sprinkling the vanilla powder on top of the cake! And it wasn't even first-grade vanilla either!

Amir H. Fassihi said...

Well there ain't too many chefs that would know how to pour vanilla or even what vanilla is and will it be good on a cake or not ;)...