Thursday, January 10, 2008

I am Ripper... Tearer... Slasher

Absolute adrenaline rush will be felt when you go on the journey controlling Beowulf in this 3rd person action adventure game. The combat system is fantastic and the way the characters interact with one another is really nice and polished, very nice animations and synchronized well too. Tactical AI has been used by the thanes which help you out and proper combination of cut scenes and in game action has enabled smooth narrative story telling which is probably well needed for a game which is based on an old poem and a very recent block buster movie. The physics engine employed is Ageia PhysX which has been used for some rigid body dynamics and cloth simulations in game, probably more, I haven't covered everything.

The PC version suffers from some lags which might be due to resource loading in the same thread as graphics or some data lags between the CPU and the GPU, whatever the reason is, it is a petty that UBI wasn't able to provide a solid port for the PC. Apparently these companies spend all their energy on providing the Xbox360 and PS3 titles and then the PC is an after thought. Xbox and PC weren't much different in the past, Xbox being a single pentium processor but the current Xbox360 has got multi-cpus with multiple cores and the architecture is quite different from the current common PCs in the market.

When the character is fighting with some boss monsters or in the middle of a fight with the carnal fury power on and Beowulf shouting out "Fear Me .... !!", you really feel the heat and destructive power flowing out of your skin ... don't place anything close to me while in that state !

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