Saturday, December 22, 2007

Winter resolutions

While a lot of my big and small friends, the ones in Antarctica , are getting ready to hibernate the whole winter, my plans are to be as awake as possible. At the end of the winter, the development and pre-production stages for our game in progress should be finished and we should be ready for production. This means a lot of tasks and tests need to be done. I'd have to spend much time on the project, which means less time for me at Fanafzar while more conscious about the situation. I am once again a soldier, starting from zero, prepared to test the extremes. Very critical 3 months ahead. This should be the time that the core of the open source project we are working on needs to be solidified and many other projects are hoping to see light in this dark winter. So sleep tight my friends, and sleep some for me too...

This is what Hafez had for me on Yalda night... interestingly related... I will change my perspective.

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