Thursday, November 15, 2007

In the heat of the conference

Ok so I am here in the heat of the conference right now, the first day is over, so far things have been gone really good, the networking in this conference was great and I met lots of useful people both from NCC and from other centers.

I also found out about the secret behind the success of the Malta center (they got excellence in education award from NCC today). Close relationship with the industry and customizing the program. They had a full program about it today, they even have strong support from their government and their minister of IT had a talk too. The idea is to have the student work part time while studying, 3 days work, 2 days study. This provides a good understanding about the concepts for the students and broadens their view, leading to more motivation towards their studies. Classically the opposite was thought.

Looking back I see that the best students that I have known have been the ones who had tried to use their knowledge in a real situation, now this can be employment job or any other stand alone real project. Of course there are some other "Getting good grades" students who never worked and their sole reason for getting the good marks is being afraid badly of getting bad grades. These turn to be useless eventually.

Let's see what happens tomorrow.

Malta is a real nice place with wonderful weather and really really expensive. 100 US dollars will be 28 Maltese Lira, hard to imagine such currency, seeing expensive products having a price tag of 55 Liras gives you a good feeling by the way, before trying to do the math of course :)

The rest has been fine other than my luggage getting lost in the connection in Dubai, it should be here tomorrow afternoon, the end of the conference and I can grab it with me to go back to Iran.

End of log


MNO said...

They really have a nice plan and their government support is very much influential, however as you've already mentioned in an older post real success lays in the movement of communities made by people...By the way try to discuss the impact of mis-management to the success of students with the guys out there... this is a real story which has happened here in Mashhad ;)

One more thing: could you please have a comparison between our centers here (Tehran and Mashhad) and the Malta center(s) which selected to be a successful one? I'd like to see where we're standing right now.

I personally think that we have a lot of students with high abilities and both the students and the whole center could experience a major leap with a little tweaking in the peoples mindsets.

Please talk about the customizations that they've made to their courses also.

MNO said...
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Seven said...

Please tell more about the conference in future days.

Amir H. Fassihi said...

Sure, I'll be at the Malta center STC, tomorrow, there is going to be a tour. I am eager to find out some more details about their center.