Monday, November 19, 2007


Quite a journey so far and this state is the waiting state at the dubai airport for 8 hours. I got here around 12 midnight and I'd have to wait till 8 am to get on the plane. The wi-fi is nice and this post is being sent from a new situation and that being me sitting on the ground in the airport with lots of people sleeping and lying around, on the ground and on chairs all over. The dubai airport seems to be the busiest around these hours, most of it due to being the main hub for emirates flights.
I wonder if it would be possible for airlines to not have a centralized hub these days and somehow decentralize the nodes for connections. It would be nice to know the advantages of this design, single hub, versus other distributed designs.
I had a chance to watch the new Michael Moore movie called "Sicko" on the flight which was pretty nice, and sad. On the way going I saw "The Simpson's Movie" and that was really awesome too, I am a big admirer of the beautiful point of view and very nice implementation of fine detailed concepts done by the designers for the series.
Let's see what happens in a few hours, I might join the dudes next to me ;).


Seven said...

Nice IT solution! ;) It fits everything.

Amir H. Fassihi said...

I was sure you were sleep at that time Ehsun, otherwise I would have called you for a short chat :)

Seven said...
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Seven said...

Actually you are right, I was sleep in that time, but it is not usual in my sleep timing. ;)