Friday, September 29, 2017

The Wonderful Human Psyche

So very recently I felt a need to try to learn and study in the field of psychology and understand a few things if possible in that area. I was usually interested in matters related to psychology in the past, well at least the rather recent past since I didn't think about other people that much in the far past, but I never followed the topics in a structured way.

The reason this need was suddenly a high priority for me was the fact that I talked to a few of our folks at the office about some issues they were facing that I really wished I could understand and help but that wasn't the case. The interactions reminded me of the therapy sessions that you usually see in the movies and I thought how blessed the therapists can be to understand the very deep and hidden causes for symptoms and really enhance the life of their clients. That was when I thought how valuable those insights can be for anyone at work so that she/he can really be influential and effective for the colleagues. Why shouldn't normal people know more about this field. The reason we go to offices is to interact with other people anyway, the better we know our minds the better we should interact.

So my journey began and I started researching about therapy and of course found out what a huge world it is and learned about the different methods and techniques for doing it and the various schools of thoughts related to it. One area that seemed to be quite interesting was a rather new method called Coherent Therapy. The reason it seemed interesting to me was the fact that it does not categorize the symptoms as problems that need to be fixed directly and considered illnesses but tries to search for the hidden unconscious beliefs that are the reasons our bodies try to willfully generate those symptoms. In other words the symptoms are a good solution our bodies create in order to fix or reduce the negative effects of some other issue, something we are not really aware of, which are usually found to be incorrect subjective beliefs. The goal for the therapist would then be to find those hidden reasons and try to make the client change his belief system in order to eliminate the symptoms.

Brain science proves the methods used in Coherent Therapy and it shows how memory re-consolidation happens during therapy, mostly rewiring of the implicit memory which is the type of memory that we are not very much aware of. You yourself changing the way your brain is wired in order to feel better, how cool is that! No medication involved.

There is a book I am currently reading on the subject which has been the main source for this method called Depth Oriented Brief Therapy. It has been quite an interesting read so far. There are a few books queued after this.

The human mind is the only important resource in what we do. The way this mind believes, decides and acts for the needs of the individual and for the role the individual plays in a team is the root of anything needed for the processes needed for great projects and products. The better we know ourselves and have control on ourselves and the better we can be useful for others and have positive influence on them, the better work environments we'll have and the better results we'll get.

I already know I should have started reading and practicing in this field earlier.

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