Sunday, March 16, 2014

King Slayer

I have served him for years... long long years ago ... I can feel the smell of the ocean breeze on the day he sat on the throne ... the day I swore ... the heat of the joy of men around him would burn the surface of the skins already burnt under the bright summer sun ... the sun witnessing the glory and brotherhood in the land ... the day brothers celebrated the rise of the selected one to lead and guide and navigate their battered ship towards safe and dry lands ... this was the day to lay down the daggers and live a life in peace ... the day to cherish safety ... when all is one and one is all. I was thrilled to be part of the elite to protect him for life ... the black cloaks ... living the moments to find an opportunity to leave the life to protect the throne ... the days that were too surreal to be part of this fragile experience.

The wind blew ... the waves collapsed and the storms punished the land that was embracing the dead state of no change ... the sun and moon raced the face of the frozen lands ... wars appeared like little sparks in a young morning fire ... lost were the men that stood as brothers and families ruined ... the heat of the always shining sun was turning cold by the shadows of the everlasting chaos ... I found my meaning in protecting the throne ... I was the right force in the flow of wrong ... feeling the weight of the looks when I did not turn my head ... the oath was my sole savior ... the thing that saves from the dark.

The rise of the rebels and never ending conflict from outside was something he was raised with ... the only deep meaning he had felt from the days he dreamed of living the life of adults ... what had secured the credibility of the throne for all seeking the pleasure of safety...this he had no issues with ... but the shattering blow was the decay from inside ... the things he would hear and see from the ones that had dedicated their souls to him a very short while ago ... I could read the reflexes in his face better than any wise man in his service ... a blessing for the ever present and the life witness... he stepped down from the holy ruling throne every time he was stabbed by a man of his land ... the enemies of the land he crushed ... the enemies within his land crushed him and every symbol of power attached to him ... I was unable to protect the throne from the invisible enemy.

The sun was high and the days were dark ... the grass burned and his heart froze ... never would this be the fair arenas that he was grown to fight in ... never was this explained to him along the stories he was grown with bringing to life the heroes that had cleared the high lands from the various evil invasions ... who was the evil now and why did the angels look so different? The birds of rationality flew away... the days of colorful hope did follow them ... anger fed the monsters of hate ... revenge turned to seeds of pessimism ... power was now the ultimate goal ... the subconscious goal to eliminate the chaos and bring back the fairy tale days of the earlier years ... pushing and forcing .... sitting and thinking on the angry chair ... the throne of hate ... did I know this man ... how fast is the wind of change ... who is right and who is wrong ... fear and the will to order!

The mirrors broken, he tried so much to see only too not understand how blind he was ... the smell of the blood of every brother was an appetizer to slay another ... who needed to rebel from the outside now? Couldn't even kill with his own hands while both hands were holding the crown ... a crown of negativity ... the cries of the angels were not enough to be distinguished from the river of blood... and I stood there ... a protector of the throne ... I was the shield of god serving the chosen one ... seeing the blood of the best men on my sword as the sacrifices for the chosen one ... the one to show the path and the one to bring the light ... never second guessing my meaning ... never second guessing my being.

I am his savior ... and I am his protector ... I am one with the grand presence of the chosen one ... I un-sheath my blade ... in a walk to the grand hall of justice ... the sound of the blade kissing the sheath for the last time begs for a little attention ... my heart has left this heavy armor already ... I can hear my footsteps now ... I am the protector and savior of the throne ... more eyes on me now ... who is right and who is wrong? ... all the men watching me from above ... this is the day ... can hear the sound of him breathing now ... are the last breaths louder ... is this why I hear my own breath too ... my fingers touch his beard for the first time ... pulling his royal throat back while the crown is still dancing above ... my blade is sharp enough to pierce through ... from the back of his majesty ... spraying red wine away from his regal belly ... is this it ... is this the end ... this is the end ... the end of a cycle ... never to be the end of it all ... the beginning of a new story ... the story of another King Slayer .. the story to be lived an played by the next ... just to relive a fiction turned real ... to be a story again ... to be heard and believed and lived ... this is not the end .. this is what it is ... this is me feeling the arrows passing through my body ... time will stop now ... I am forever ... The Beginning...

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Ashkan said...

Really nice again!
Try writing something long. It might become pretty good as well.