Sunday, July 28, 2013

Book on Creativity

Creativity is the foundation for any kind of creative work, especially for aspiring game designers. A lot of study has been done on the subject related to the nature of creativity and its definitions and also ways to stimulate it.

Dr. Shervin Vakili has a great book on the topic which covers the different aspects of creativity, its definitions and classifications and exercises to increase and enhance creative thinking for everyone. The book is a great read and he has graciously released the digital version free recently on his website here:

You can find out about the numerous other books he has written over there which cover topics ranging from social sciences and psychology to novels, philosophical titles and historical books. Make sure to check out "The Way of the Warrior" poems in the above link.

His great work and ideas has been a big source of inspiration for me during the past years. By the way, he is the author of the great Soshians Novel which was the narrative source for the first video game we were working on.

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