Friday, August 17, 2012

Video Game Optimization

Here is a link to the slides for the recent workshop I held on video game optimization:

Optimization presentation slides


yzt said...

Slide 13 (God of War memory layout) was particularly soul-crushing to me! I mean, I knew that the PS2 has so little RAM (it's 32 by the way, I was wrong. And that the whole thing! There is only 4MiB dedicated VRAM) and I knew that GoW somehow ran on it, but seeing the fixed, predefined memory layout spread like that in front of me raised my consciousness!

Just to emphasize, that 32MiB has to include meshes and textures and animations too! Fuck!

yzt said...

I wrote up a post about our results in the vector vs. list comparison. It has charts and code and even a table! You can find it here.