Saturday, July 28, 2012

Biz 101

I read recently that the Steam digital distribution portal is valued around 3 billion dollars. This is amazing and definitely a huge figure, although something that can be expected considering the un-imaginable success of the platform which has truly changed the PC games scene. The portal has been up for several years now and it has only improved every month.

I read another news recently that : "The Pentagon said Wednesday it planned to sell 60 Patriot missiles to Kuwait in a deal worth an estimated $4.2 billion, as the emirate tries to bolster its defenses against the threat from Iran." source

Now it seems that making some efforts to continue and turn a "Boogieman" out of a country and pull money out of arabs is a much much more beneficial business than years of hard work in one of the best studios of the world, Valve Software. I am certain there is even more serious technology behind Steam than the missiles.

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yzt said...

About the complexity of Steam vs. missiles. I heard John Carmack, which has done serious aerospace work in the context of Armadillo Aerospace say (in an interview or keynote, but I can't remember where and when) that game development was several times more complex than rocket design.

So your assessment is most probably correct!