Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Rare Breed

Looking for a programmer for an upcoming unannounced game project. The ideal candidate should be able to carry a Generalist Programmer title and have:

Mandatory Attributes:
1 - Showing to work on work days.
2 - Being able to self manage.
3 - Honesty.
4 - Willing to learn new things.
5 - Willing to write any code.
6 - Carrying a bigger sign of Pragmatism than Idealism.
7 - Not afraid to fail.
8 - Aware of the concept of self sacrifice for team excellence.
9 - Willing to help the group.
10 - Responsible.
11 - Familiar with the word: Commitment.
12 - Disciplined.
13 - Able to see out of the box.
14 - Brave.
15 - Time conscious.
16 - Creative.
17 - Passionate.
18 - Believer.
19 - Patient.
20 - Good focus abilities.

Optional Attributes:
1 - Good knowledge of Programming.
2 - Good knowledge of c/c++.
3 - Relevant work experience.

Drop me a line if you are one or know one around. (I am aware that this is a rare breed!)


idn said...

I see this post from another viewport (13- thinking outside the box!), I'll write them and paste them on my wall and write on top of them: TODO list.

Thanks for listing some, if not all, perks a game dev should have.


idn said...

just wrote something about this post, http://blog.aidinzolghadr.com/2011/09/06/reading-out-of-the-box/.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amir
I programming 5 years C# for Win/Web Apps and about 2 years C only for 2D/3D Games for myself.
I'll be glade to work on Garshasp!
I added you on Facebook.

Ashkan Saeedi said...

nice job offer :)
a year ago i would say, what the hell? why the main requirements are not technical ones about languages or algorithms or domain specific codes? now the only thing that i can say is appreciation and ask you if you found more than needed, send them to me. :)

Amir H. Fassihi said...

@Shahbazi, please send your complete resume to jobs at fanafzar dot com.


adoosh said...

Hmm, I think here are a few requirements (quite important ones!) that you missed buddy:

1. Being able to quote a phrase from Hagakure by heart upon suitable circumstance
2. Able to serve as a catcher when called upon (mostly in the frequent absence of Chewi!)
3. Has a documented decent batting average
4. Being able to play literally any position IF/OF
5. Has a documented decent 3pt pct.
6. Hard worker and a rebounder at heart
7. An eager learner of Zen and very familiar with triangle offense

And a few more which are better left unwritten, now THAT is a rare breed right there!

Mohsen Ebrahimi said...

This is limited to Programming. It is generally for every work. It's a good Walkthrough but not complete.
when you are at work and trying to create a new thing you don't think about 13 principles!! I think the walkthrogh(Or every word that use in this position) must be light-weight for more efficient result or doing a work for showing this n mandatory attributes such as print it on a big paper and install it on your bench work!!!

noel said...

hello , my name is noel , i am from philippines
I very like your blog, i am a programmer too, but i am honest and responsible and very commited, and very patient
i watch your games, they are very good games (garshasb)
i think i have all 20 items you said, i also know word, firefox ,excel and photoshop very well.
if i come to your company i will work very hard and give pleasure to your company. every body be happy
i am also very cheap
please answer me :