Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pure Random

After another night of deep discussions with a couple of friends, it seems that one of the basic questions that still has remained un-answered for me is the existence of pure/real randomness. Is there such a thing as a random behavior which has no scientific explanations? Not something seeming random due to lack of contextual information but something random for god itself.

This question easily leads to the concept of free will and its existence.

Will I ever find the answer?


idn said...

If we believe there is a god, like God, and believe that he is in control of everything and has complete knowledge of every possible or impossible thing/universe/dimension/etc, then I believe he "knows" the result of each dice throw, not in the way we "know", or atleast think we do, but he knows it somehow that it won't break the "randomness".

What I actually mean is based on something I believe exists but we humans are not aware of it. Like when we used to think binary and there was actually fuzzy logic, there are things that are not 0 or 1 but is between, like 0.2, I believe same fabric applies here, like there is something between of "not random" and "random" that we are not aware of.

Maybe we can't even get aware of such because we are trapped in this three dimensional world that ticks with "time". (if we believe time "ticks", but that's for some other time)

And we don't believe in god, like God, then we can go on and on.

But I think it's more beautiful to believe we do.

Amir H. Fassihi said...

Something between random and not random I believe is random. If there is sometimes no cause for a phenomena, then I guess we have pure random.

Seven said...
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Seven said...

I guess everything must have a reason, but in the context of a science or in a particular time in the history we have(had) no enough info about it and call(called) it random....

But just to try to answer your question: what about the movement of gas molecules in a closed room with stable temperature...

Ashkan Saeedi said...

it's a good scense to see others ask the question that you always ask but it will change to a bad one when you see they don't have any answer just like you :)
even another question will come up. are these formullized rules chosen randomly too. as you said sometimes there is no reason for clear rules so God might want to make it random even for himself. maybe Einstein is right in his assumptions and maybe not. for now i think there is not any random thing available but i can not deny the possibility of existance of it.

Anonymous said...

Assuming that god exists.
and assuming that god is The creator .
assuming the god is omnipotent and omniscient .
his creation encompasses all that is possible , so random is an empty word in that sense .
randomness is a result (which the GOD has already created ans is aware of )

in a sense , it's another form of the old paradox .
can god create a stone so heavy he cannot lift himself .
can a god create a randomness he cannot predict himself .

but in the end , because those assumptions are Not supported by any Fact/observations so far .
feel free to take your pick . ;)