Monday, June 21, 2010

Real Men

Tough times ... really dense ... no chance for under-achieving ... focus necessary ... hard work ... hope ... fighting desperation ... patience ... hanging tight ... patience ... holding together ... believing ... patience ... trying ... ignoring exhaustion ...

All that fuels me in this final path is the real men around me ... oh these are the real warriors ... how rare ... how mighty ... how blessed I must be ...

believing ... patience ...


Unknown said...

gamers, game developers, every one will support you.. just smile and believe.. :)

adoosh said...

Patience is the key in many aspects, one being when facing a pitcher with nasty off-speed and low in the know what I am sayin'?


Eduardo Roberto said...

Hi there!

Hi there, my name is Eduardo and I am a journalist for a newspaper in Brazil called O Estado de S. Paulo. You can reach us at

I found a few weeks ago about Garshasp and thought that you guys could fit perfectly into our tech/digital life section.

So I'd like to ask a few questions by email about how Garshasp was developed, how you got together and started the project and what it was like to develop a game in Iran.

I’d really appreciate your answer. Me and my editor find the story it’s really interesting.

And congratulations for Garshasp! The videos and teasers I saw made me very curious about it.

Thank you very much!


Eduardo Roberto