Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Sinking Philosopher

When the black days fill the skies ... when achievement is an unreachable wish ... when nothing works the way it should in a team ... you hear words of wisdom ... words about how all the processes and beings around the individual went wrong ... how everything outside the responsibilities of the individual went wrong ... how they are all right and everything else outside their circle is all wrong ... everyone is a philosopher all of a sudden ... they all know it all ... nothing they could've done ... it all seems so obvious to fail and the individual is so immune ... karma is karma ... millions of reasons pop up for under-achievement ... the blame arrow is spinning like a merry go round ... never ever facing the individual ...

When the storm is away and time allows emotions to sink ... you can focus and look deep into some realities ... looking closely opens your eyes to two realities glowing like gems, lying underneath everything else like the roots of an ancient tree... FEAR and LAZINESS ... the two primal and universal characteristics of human beings ... the source of any under-achievement ... two attributes that sometimes compete and sometimes cooperate ... either way always helping the individual to sink deeper and during this descent, beautifully casting all kinds of layers around them for the individual and helping the disguise ... even transforming the person into the philosopher who knows about all the sources of failure ... the philosopher who assembles the chains of reasons leading to the failure ... the chain which never touches the self ... unconscious that this is not the chain which can be used to climb back up ... how beautiful!

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Ashkan Saeedi said...

i hared these things many times when working with others. most of the time when people don't know the sources of failure they say it was the WISDOM. i think most of the things happen to us are in control of us or other humans but i believe that wisdom really exists but it don't happen 100000000 times a second :)
let's think about it in a more precise manner
1 we have mind and if we work harder and in correct ways we get good results
2 if we do something wrong the result will not be good. miracles and magics of our age are in our head.
3 other people can effect our work but it's the nature and we should fix problems ourselves
4 at the end i think God is the source of what happens inside our head and really sometimes things happen that we can not understand their reason. maybe they are really acts of God and maybe it's just something complex that we can not understand.
did you think about it before? (i am sure that you did) how things come in our minds? i think source of new ideas and thinking and also most of the times source of different types of love is God. i think God do some sort of control in our world but he is the source of good so he do good to us.
i think newton's ideas about God's acts in our world are correct.
what do you think
i think we should forget all of these and work as hard as possible to make what we want happen because most of the things are in our control and we can not completely understand what is not in our control and even more importantly because what God do to us is good and not evil; so how can we see the falure of something good as wisdom?