Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I recently read "Outliers" which was a really interesting book. The author has a very nice point of view towards specific issues related to successful people and generally such out of the box thinking, although not necessarily always to the point, can be quite fun.

The book contains an issue regarding the over-rated respect for IQ numbrs in people and the lack of correlation between success and IQ. I had thought about this many times before and thinking about it too much makes you infer an inverse relationship between the two, anyway.

Another part I really liked was about how math requires intense focus and persistence and patience and there was a hypothesis about the relationships of rice paddies and workers and math, quite insightful.

The 10,000 hours rule is another nice part and it describes how 10,000 hours is needed in order for someone to master a skill and how successful people have all had a chance to pass this 10,000 hours.

I better check out the other books by this author, "Tipping point" is one which should be good to read.


Anonymous said...

I was used to practice Kyokushin for some years and I remember a quote from Sosai Mas Oyama, who invented it, On opening of his first Dojo he said that
it is birth of a karate regime based on the principle of 1,000 days of training a beginner 10,000 additional days of training, and attaining an intense
understanding of the mysteries of karate.

Your 10,000 number reminds me of that quote.

adoosh said...

Wise man said:"10000 days in the fire is long enough, You're going home..."