Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Kobe is really close to perfection in Basketball. His every move has a lot of "The Master MJ" resemblances in it. It's amusing to watch him on court during the full active 48 minutes, with or without the ball.

Guys like Lebron are really strong and skillful but it seems like its only Kobe who's going the full path towards the perfection peaks, somewhere that MJ is very close to.

It's all about the mindset once the physical attributes are there and the neuro-muscular responses are doing the right job. His love for the game compares with the master now, love for the game, which is quite different from love for personal abilities or trophies.


adoosh said...

I cannot agree more!

not-nietsche said...

i can't agree completely. while no denying he's great, i believe d wade is clsoer to perfection. the reason is that he's single handedly taking heat to another level of play and he's makeing others to perform. KB has better supports on the court.