Tuesday, October 14, 2008


With less than 9 days to go, we are in a state to sacrifice new features in order to be able to increase the quality of the existing parts just a bit more .. hmm... the balancing needs a lot of attention.

Sacrifice is THE keyword here since it is happening all around our team. The guys are sacrificing their lives to make sure we reach what we wanted for the exhibition. Alas we are working on a mythological title and sacrifice has got lots to do with mythology.

The team has done an excellent job so far and real work has been done. REAL work has been done, which is based on love, determination and belief! Time has had no meanings and the circulation of the Sun around us hasn't had the conventional meaning of "Oh.. it is night time and time to rest !!" ... probably the most we got out of it has been .. "Oh.. so that is how a real specular and HDR effect should look like ... " and seeing the sun in our little game level has been what has kept the team awake all this time.

The past month has been a month to remember for years to come, I don't know if such an experience will be repeated ever again but it was a little spark which showed what a tiny team can do if their hearts get aligned and if they are real.

I'm sure there were colors in this spark which are rare, colors such as the 3D modeler's continuous focused work to make sure every polygon looks the way it should, the lead technical guy's 27 hours non stop work to make sure the shadow system is implemented the way it should, the concept designer's will to thrust all his visual and musical talents towards the team's goal, the junior programmer's day and night struggle to enhance every aspect of the already spectacular level designer tool (Iranvij), the animator's efforts to tweak all the animations and add new ones and make sure the movement of these creatures in time is as stylish and in harmony with their looks and finally the UI and web developer who despite being all occupied with marriage arrangements has been able to find those extra seconds that usually slip by and construct the interface of this little work to the world. Lack of time, lack of hardware and problems in hardware and software or either personal issues have not been able to de-rail this team. The dream team.

One more week to go full force, hope to be able to update and reveal some information here in about a week. Right now all we need to do is to focus on the remaining days and tighten all the remaining bolts.

And by the way if you're interested in Soshiant posters, collector's cards and a T-shirt, don't forget to plan to visit the booth at the exhibition.

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