Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Team

Ardeshir recently found this piece of old newspaper and interestingly enough I saw it today which is August 7th and the date of the news is August 7th also, although minus 11 years from today.

Anyway this was our dream team, lots of great guys, most of them distributed throughout the world now, we had huge fun and huge success in the city of Tabriz. My big salute to all the brave team mates and our very talented coach Danesh.

A little reminder to you guys all: "Kalmasse Boyer Ahmadi!!"


adoosh said...

Yeah baby...YEAH!!!!!
Remember "Tha Triangle" living in a tiny small room during that period...and of course don't you ever NEVER forget the joy at "The hungry tiger= babre gorosne"!!!


not-nietsche said...

and the night that nima fell of the bed, he broke the chair and he didn't remember the morning after!!!!
temple of teh dog tape of adoosh!
it was the best
hail the greatests

Amir H. Fassihi said...

And you were the best too my bro.... skin headed big back pack carrying monster in the amusement park !! ;) .. what were the little kids thinking?? .. you shot them all !